Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Master Plan

Everything is so clean in a 3D model. Sigh. We've written a bit about the spatial plan in other posts, here are some images of what we are hoping to build.

The rooms, or "pods" will be on wheels, making for maximum floor plan flexibility. The walls will be made of independent 4' x 8' panels, wood or metal studs, stretched with transluscent white plastic like little softboxes. They are designed modularly so that they can be joined together or used as open space for exhibitions and projects by removing panels. Design and materials aren't set in stone yet, but hopefully will be soon.

The stage will double as the kitchen on a regular basis, with curtains installed to hide kitchen furniture during performances. The whole stage will also be moveable, in case the leaky pipe of death acts up again.

boring necessary progress

Well, we've spent the last 2 months doing some pretty unromantic things, like setting up living necessities and fighting the elements. Between the air leaks and the water leaks, it took some time to get the basic improvements done to make the place warm and dry.

Kitchen with "adaptive reuse" cabinets

My boudoir, courtesy of Pearhead's old trade show booth

Custom made window to fill glass block hole. Works better than a taped up garbage bag, I'll tell you that.

Painted radiators. If I could, I'd paint the world silver.

Scary corner pipe of liquid death. It has been Kilz-ed so it isn't as scary as it was when it seemed to be made entirely of rust. It's still drips around the ceiling from the splashes upstairs, but at least the 4" crack in the back that woke us up every morning with our very own "water feature" is filled.


Now we're back to dreaming, doing manual labor that yields more fun results, like my "new" chairs: