Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Space All Over

Softbox is a part of a 4 show coalition , conceived by Anna Lise Jensen. The 1st show takes place at Jensen's apartment in February, opening the weekend of Feb 7-8.

A Lot of Possibilities, the first show at Winter Space, mirrors one room's view of a communal garden. This formerly abandoned private lot was taken over by the City and neglected, until locals decided to organize and turn it into a garden. The exhibition explores the idea and experience of transformation and transplantation through various interior "lots" of participating artists: Nanna Debois Buhl, Laura Fayer, Sandra Eula Lee, Sandra Mack-Valencia, Kenneth Rasmussen, Mark Inglis Taylor and Jonathan Velardi.

Winter Space
15 W. 103rd St. #4D
New York, NY 10025
Open Weekends, 11am-4pm, from February 7th-March 29th.

A Lot of Possibilities opens February 7th, and Winter Space stretches the opening experience by avoiding it. An official opening is replaced by continual presence and visits -spontaneous as well as planned - on Open Weekends, 11am-4pm, from February 7th-March 29th. After that, the exhibition will be open per appointment only (call 917 549-7285) till next winter season rolls around.

Friday, January 2, 2009