Sunday, June 29, 2008


Russ McClintock brought a little Miami flava to the joint last week. He's a good buddy from Chicago who fixed up a photo studio there and spent a week helping out while waiting for his visa to relocate to London. He's an incredible photographer, there are some images of the space on his blog .

Taking down florescents

Russell and I took down the florescents and said good riddance. What an unbelievable difference.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Kitchen/New Lease

The deep clean worked its way up onto the kitchen stage, made myself a fabulous lunch to go with the new lease under "Softbox LLC." I stopped by NY Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts to get my membership and make an appointment to start the process. My Suzie Secretary alter ego is twitching in anticipation

Is it spring cleaning if it is June?

Been doing more scrubbing and mopping, half the space is open again. I built a "test pod" to practice living in 8' x 12'. It is more spacious than I thought, or maybe I've just been conditioned to New York City standards of personal space.

I also built a new temporary window for the skyline side, which is much better for the elements and can be taken off when AC becomes necessary.