Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stage construction (or "Tilman is my Hero")

We finally got the stage constructed from the lumber I bought from Hope Hilton . She made an amazing "front porch" installation for her MFA show, and of course spared no expense. It was great to get to reuse wood with from a project with such good mojo, which was (not to mention) essentially the exact same size.

Tilman rocked my world. Did not stop til the job was done. Fantastic.


After Agonizing over how to finish the floors (financially and conceptually), we decided on a white wash. This was the brainchild of Justin, a welcome alternative to my possibly ill-advised idea of a red floor. We had a lot of conflicted emotions about painting it, covering the wood (as crappy and water damaged as it was), but...

...after 1st coat of primer we were in love. Glossy gorgeousness and mostly of all, sealed and CLEAN.

The new white floor is paradise, or half paradise until we move all our possessions on top of it and do the other side.