Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Video Screening, Call for Entries

This is an upcoming event curated by Lara Duren. Please forward this to anyone that might be interested!

Video and time-based artists––

Softbox is calling for submissions of time-based art. Time––if you've got it, give it!

We are looking for work that embodies all flavors of humor and it's relationship to the human condition. We want it real, we want it raw, and we want it bad. We don't care how you dish it out as long as it's hot and ready to... wait, what was I talking about? Right! Humor–– make us laugh, make us laugh so hard we cry, annoy us with your idiocy, disturb us with your irony, astound us with your wit, make us uncomfortable, comfortable, sad, angry, sock it to the man––do all of the above and more!
l venue check out softboxqueens.blogspot.com

Submit your work in m2v and aiff files. If you can't do this send a DVD. Please only send a DVD if you absolutely can not submit your work in m2v/aiff form. For performance based work, submit a proposal with visual components. All submissions need to be under 20 min long.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, April 6th.
Although feel free to submit earlier!

If you would like your submissions returned please supply the appropriate postage or pick it up at the event on April 18th.

For performance proposals or general questions please email me at laraduren@comcast.net.

Work will be screened on April 18th. More details on that later!